There are five workshop sessions during the weekend, and five classes take place during each session, plus additional classes during our Rise and Shine hour (7-8 am) and Saturday's Free Thyme session. See the Schedule for details.

There is no need to pre-register for workshops! Pick and choose to your liking.
Intensives require pre-registration for an additional $40 fee.

Brandon Ruiz

Caribbean Herbal Medicine In this class we will be discussing the history, stories and roots of Caribbean Herbal medicine. Through looking at a timeline of history in the islands we will discuss popular medicines, resistance amongst African and indigenous populations and how they characterized herbal practices today. We will also sample and look at various plant medicines from the Caribbean and discuss their uses. Culturally-Relevant Herbalism and Gardening In this workshop we’ll talk about the importance of working with plants that connect to our roots, our ancestral connections to the plant world and how to make this an every day practice. We’ll learn about the practices of Yucayeke Farms in creating connections by working with culturally-relevant plants and how we can benefit not only ourselves but our communities as well. Herbal Accessibility In this workshop we will discuss the issues behind lack of herbal accessibility in our communities. We will discuss the issues that prevent certain people from accessing efficient and well-curated herbal medicine, ways to work around the system to ensure access to our plant medicines and how we as herbalists can help facilitate that connection.
Christina Lynch Intuitive Herbalism This class focuses on the impact of creating relationships with plants and honoring intuition to promote transformation. This interactive class will review approaches to connecting with and incorporating your intuition in your herbal practice.        
Dr. Lola Ohonba, Pharm.D. Cannabis Public Policy: Why Should I Care as an Herbalist? The class will review cannabis as medicine and drug scheduling. The class will also touch on the role of herbalists in the public discourse on legalization. Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System Review of the primary active compounds in cannabis and role of the human endocannabinoid system in disease management    
Ellen Kamhi PHD RN AHG-RH Microbiome Balance for Body Mind and Spirit The Microbiome is a fascinating complex multifaceted living organism made up of an ever changing group of individual microscopic entities. Together they build interactive structures that are involved in two way communication with our gut, brain, skin and organs in our body, via a vast array of enzymatic, metabolic and nervous impulses, that interact in complex feedback loop mechanisms. These interactions influence digestion, mood, cognition, cardiovascular wellness, the inflammatory response, immune function, and overall health.
Johana Castillo Basic Spanish for Herbalism This class will be a very condense class on terms and Spanish names of basic herbalism. All levels of Spanish welcome! Spanish Nature Walk Let us meet to go for a nature walk and attempt to speak in Spanish! We will be finding basic plants and items in a list and at the end we will share what we were able to find! In Spanish! All ages and levels welcome!    
Lucretia VanDyke Intensive: Looking at the whole self in Holistic Healing protocols Our ancestors and Indigenous culture’s healers always looked at the entire person's body, mind, and spirit to co create a whole healing arts protocol for people who came to them for help.
Oftentimes we know the right plant formulas to get our bodies back on track ,but are we looking deeper into ourselves and our clients to bring more synergy into our practice.
Let us dive into the plant world to truly embrace the full magic of the plants to assist us to utilize them for all of their healing power.
We will explore:
Food for the soul- how to take your ancestor’s recipes/folk remedies and add more plant medicine in your diet.
Botanical skincare- create personal ceremonies of self care with herb infused face serums, spiritual bathing, kitchen spa products, pain remedies and more!
Plant spirit meditation- creating a more sacred space for you, your apothecary, and introducing yourself to the plant world.
Herbal formulations for the spirit- what herbs help with grief and other emotions
Keynote:Plant stories of our ancestors


Reaching back to honor the old traditions, the power of a story, and how the plants can unite us to heal and build better communities.    
Maggie O'Halloran Herbs and Neurodiversity in Children In this class, we will cover terminology associated with neurodiversity along with herbal and nutritional considerations.        
marc williams Florida Woody Ethnobotany Spend a class learning about trees and shrubs. We will go for a plant walk to learn how to identify a woody plant by the leaves, bark and other characteristics. Common and obscure uses for woody plants of the Floridian flora that may support overall health, well-being and sustenance will also be discussed. Challenges and Opportunities with Exotic Invasive Plants We will focus in this presentation on the ethnobotanical application of exotic invasive plants for food and medicine. A big focus of the discussion will underpin the opportunities to employ these plants and effectively make use of a problem by turning it into a resource. We will take a look at some of the prime exotic invasive plants occurring in Florida which have a host of potential applications and their use for fermentation in particular. Botany Intensive Our botany intensive will focus on the families of plants found commonly in Florida. We will cover the differences in how plants look regarding leaves, flowers, fruits and other parts and how this may help in proper identification. The way plants are classified based on these features and more recently DNA will be discussed relative to how they are referred to scientifically. We will also look at the best book and web resources for the exploration of botany on the peninsula. The class will feature a powerpoint covering the major characteristics of botany in general and then we will examine various forms of plant material to further emphasize the lessons learned.
Masaji Terasawa Qigong   Qigong   Qigong  
Miriam Reh Yoga   Yoga   Yoga  
Misha Nell Invaders Among Us! Re-Imagining Invasive Exotic Plants from Perilous Pests into Helpful Healers Air Potato. Caesar Weed. Wedelia. Rosary Pea. The names of these exotic invasive plants strike fear into the hearts of savvy land managers across our home state of Florida…and yet in cultures around the world these very same plants are welcomed as time honored healers. In this fascinating exploration of all things exotic, you will meet some of Florida’s most infamous plants and examine them through the differing lenses of scientist, shaman, and sage. We will begin with an examination of the plants’ role in the native Florida ecosystem, to acknowledge and establish their impact upon our local habitats and their resident creatures. As we develop an understanding of why there is such a negative view of these plants in Conservation and Land Management, we unlock a great possibility to shift that energy - improving the reputation of the plants. In doing so, we also open up the potential of working closely with these plants in a way that supports restoration of native habitats across the state. Misha will share basic botanical identification for each selected target species, as well as simple medicinal or spiritual preparations for each. After 30+ years of working in environmental education in her home state of Florida, Misha has helped thousands learn about the problems inherent with invasives, and has spent countless hours leading volunteer workdays to remove exotic infestations.
{How to Host a} Foraging Florida Plant Walk Take a walk on the wild side with Registered Herbalist and Florida Master Naturalist Instructor Misha Nell. There’s no telling what you will find while out on the trail, but Misha will show you how to handle it! During this unique class, Misha will of course take you on a wander through the woods, where you will get to check out all sorts of interesting medicinal and edible species. However, this happy hike will be presented from the standpoint of the educator, and along the way Misha will share tips and tricks on hosting plant walks that are safe and sustainable, for both your audience *and* the environment. Participants will gain insight on how to share the wonders of the wild world, with a focus on interpretive technique that is inclusive and empowering for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Have you always wanted to lead a plant walk, but are not sure how to start? Perhaps you are curious about how to lead a group in nature, or maybe you’re wondering about how to gain permission to access public lands? Bring all of your tour-related questions and Misha will be your guide both in the physical world of the wild as well as helping you learn to navigate the backend business of creating fun and exciting nature based tours.

Patricia Kyritsi Howell Intensive: Healing with the Five Elements: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Herbalists At the center of many healing traditions is this belief: the energy and rhythm of the Earth’s seasons profoundly influence health and well-being. As a metaphor, the Five Elements concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient and profound way to understand this dynamic energy that permeates and affects every living thing. Recognizing and engaging with these patterns is essential for creating space for healing and adds a rich dimension to our understanding of herbalism.

In this class, we’ll explore the Five Elements as they manifest through physical health, personality/character, and psycho-spiritual well-being. By understanding how elemental energies contribute to symptoms of health and imbalance, you’ll expand your ability to restore balance using herbs, lifestyle changes, and, ultimately, a stronger connection to the Earth.

Keynote: The Myth of the Solitary Herbalist The stereotype of the lone, usually a bit eccentric, herbalist living in the woods, brewing mysterious potions, apart from the rhythm of daily life in the community, is an illusion. Herbalism is intrinsically rooted in relationships. No matter your level of expertise, as an herbalist, you enter a multidimensional world of interconnectedness when you choose this path. It is impossible, or at least very difficult, to answer the call to heal with plants without being in a community, be it a community of other herbalists, the people you hope to help, or the plants in the bioregion that surrounds you. In this keynote, Patricia dispels the myth of herbalism as separate from the multidimensional, chaotic web of essential relationships that will nourish and inspire your practice. She invites you to claim your place in the culture of herbalism and make your unique contribution while embracing all the challenges and rewards.    
Ricky Tree Plant Walk          
Shannon Alycia Unity Roundtable Affinity Room facilitators will also host a Unity Roundtable at the Unity Fire on Sunday at 11 am that is open to all conference participants. The Unity Roundtable will serve as a sacred space to both Listen to the experiences and feelings of others and to be Heard – helping us to understand how culture affects our worldviews and how failing to recognize cultural connections to the Earth and Plants have led to miscommunication amongst those of us walking the path of Natures Medicine. This is a great opportunity to learn and truly see each other forming bonds and gaining the understanding to build healthy lasting relationships, authentic Allyship and making moves towards social justice and equity. You are invited and welcomed to take part in a unique opportunity to learn about the experiences of BIPOC herbalists within our local communities and within mainstream natural medicine. Like the Unity Fire, the roundtable serves a sacred space to bring curiosity, ask questions, and share honest dialogue in the intention of personal and cultural healing, unity and authentic allyship, justice and liberation. Meet and Greet BIPOC participants are invited to visit the Affinity Room to meet other participants and get to learn the room Reflections Gathering BIPOC participants are invited to visit the Affinity Room for a dedicated time of sharing and decompression
Susan Anderson Reindigenizing: Being Natural Seeds in a Hybrid World Enduring in a time of unprecedented ecological collapse is the challenge for all life on this planet. In this presentation we will use our time together to explore the potential regeneration of life and spirit that traditional worldview and life ways could hold for us all. We will look at some the specific small ways we can be the change that plants a seed of hope for the future. Medicine Stories This talk will be about the deep medicine of story telling. We will explore how and why the ancient stories have been able to influence social organization and individual and community wellbeing and how they remain powerfully relevant today.    
Susan Marynowski Supporting the Body in Acute Viral Afflictions We will explore the many herbs that can support the immune response and body systems in acute viral infections. There are herbs that can enhance immune response, inhibit viral replication, and protect tissues from damage. We will also talk about the practicalities of care for people sick with viruses in this pandemic age. Herbal Botany 101 This will be a beginner-level walk-and-talk with lots of helpful hints on how to begin identifying plants for yourself, rather than relying on apps that often make mistakes. We will learn a step-by-step method for narrowing down the ID of an unknown plant. The meaning and importance of plant family relationships will be covered. We might taste a few green things along the way!    
Tara Rawson Plant Walk Get to know your herbal allies in your own back yard with a hands on plant walk that will engage all of your senses and enliven your spirit. Appreciating Plant Spirits: Distillation for Ethical Aromatherapy Join us in the art and delight of plant distillation! Learn about the alembic copper still and the beauty and grace that comes from working with plant spirits through this particular alchemy. Experience how there's potency through subtlety.    
Vicki McGee The Regenerative Wisdom of the Sprouting Seed In this class we will unlock the science of sprouting seeds and grains and see how it applies in a clinical setting. We will also look at the potential for healing that lies in understanding the wisdom seeds carry and the many unrealized gifts they may hold.