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🪴 Looking for technical help?

Click the chat icon floating at the bottom of the page to chat directly with Ryan or Jamala. They're here to help you get the best experience possible from the conference. You can also see this Attendee Guide page from Crowdcast, our platform for the weekend.

How will you recreate the magic in a virtual event?

It’s not going to be the same, and we aren’t going to try and squeeze all the magic, hugs, and laughter into a zoom meeting – we just aren’t. We know you’ve attended dozens of online events, so this event is created to uplift and inspire you with plenty of time to rest your eyes and fill your teacup in between sessions.

The weekend will have live interactive events including panel discussions, keynote talks, an herb walk, regional meetups, and musical performances. The presenters and performers have prepared a truly special weekend. If you haven’t seen the lineup yet, please check it out here on our registration page.

Instead of classes, we’re focusing on strengthening and expanding our network so that when we do meet again it will be even more nurturing and exciting than we can ever imagine.

Here’s the most important part. By attending this event you’ll receive a full-year membership to the new Florida Herbal Hub. We can’t wait to surprise you with what is possible, and before the weekend is over you will have had a chance to meet new people and feel even more connected than before.

How will I access the live events?

All the details are available at, including the schedule of events, bios, and links to regional breakouts. The live-streaming platform we’re using is called Crowdcast, which makes it really simple to interact, watch, and share the event.

When you register for the conference, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to join the event on Crowdcast. Once you click on the link, you can create a Crowdcast account.

After logging in to your Crowdcast account, you can add a profile picture that will be displayed in the chat and Q&A area. You also can add events to your calendar and even say, "Hi," in the chat before the live stream begins.

Watch this short tutorial on how to navigate Crowdcast.

Can I bring a friend?

OMG yes please do! Please share the conference website and invite as many people as you like. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

When you share this event you’re helping to share the gift of herbal inspiration and grow the community that will continue after the weekend.

What's your refund policy?

This year's conference is a fundraiser for United Plant Savers and Healing our Heroes, so we are not able to provide refunds for donations completed. However, if you're not ready to make a donation you can register for free here – no strings attached! Everybody is welcome!

Why aren't there as many classes as usual?

Right now our main priority is to have an amazing event that leaves you more connected and more inspired than before. It’s also a chance to join the new Florida Herbal Hub, and offer access to dozens of amazing recorded classes from previous conferences.

Right now we’re offering the entire archive of previous conference recordings as a gift when you donate $150 or more to the event fundraiser, but there will be opportunities to purchase previous year’s classes as well.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

Each session will be recorded and available instantly on the platform. Recordings will be available for one week before being moved to the new Florida Herbal Hub.

This event is meant to be experienced together over the weekend, so we encourage you to create a cozy spot for yourself to enjoy the event over the weekend.