Lucretia Van Dyke

Keynote Speaker

With a journey that began when she was a little girl mixing herbs, muds, and roots on her grandparents’ farm, Lucretia VanDyke has had a lifelong connection to the plants and been in the wellness industry for over 25 years. Her quest for knowledge and storytelling has led her all over the world to learn about remedies, traditions, and ceremonies from indigenous healers.  
One of the foremost experts on southern folk healing arts, Lucretia integrates rituals, plant spirit meditation, holistic food/herbal medicine , and ancestor reverence into people’s practices. 
Lucretia is an Author, Holistic Educator, Speaker, Herbalist, Sacred Sexologist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Energetic Practitioner, Diviner, artist, & world traveler having studied with some of the greatest minds of our time. She brings her vivacious spirit and her message of ancestral connection in herbal practices to inspire others to embrace their unique relationship with the plants. Lucretia uses her vast knowledge and holistic approach to build healing arts programs for businesses, non profits, and foundations.  
Her work with herbs and ceremony honors African and indigenous healing arts and herbal practices, Women's Wholeness Medicine, grief work, trauma, self love empowerment, & holistic skin care.  
One of the foremost experts on southern folk healing arts, her new book "African American Herbalism, A practical guide to healing plants and folk traditions" shows a glimpse into an easy approach to utilizing the plants on your own journey.  
 Teaching herbal classes , cooking , storytelling, and foraging in the woods learning native medicine is what charges her soul. 

Learn from Lucretia at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Friday Keynote: Plant stories of our ancestors - Reaching back to honor the old traditions, the power of a story, and how the plants can unite us to heal and build better communities.

  • Intensive: Looking at the whole self in Holistic Healing protocols: Our ancestors and Indigenous culture’s healers always looked at the entire person's body, mind, and spirit to co create a whole healing arts protocol for people who came to them for help.
    Oftentimes we know the right plant formulas to get our bodies back on track ,but are we looking deeper into ourselves and our clients to bring more synergy into our practice.
    Let us dive into the plant world to truly embrace the full magic of the plants to assist us to utilize them for all of their healing power.
    We will explore:

    • Food for the soul- how to take your ancestor’s recipes/folk remedies and add more plant medicine in your diet.
    • Botanical skincare- create personal ceremonies of self care with herb infused face serums, spiritual bathing, kitchen spa products, pain remedies and more!
    • Plant spirit meditation- creating a more sacred space for you, your apothecary, and introducing yourself to the plant world.
    • Herbal formulations for the spirit- what herbs help with grief and other emotions

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