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Masaji Terasawa

Guest Teacher

Masaji Terasawa is a traditional cultural performer and Qi Gong practitioner. was born in Japan and started learning Qigong in 1969 while living in Tokyo Japan. For over 14 years he performed at Disney EPCOT Japan Pavilion in front of thousand people each day and performing for over 10,000 people throughout U S A and Canada demonstration his graceful Qigong technique. In addition to practicing Qi Gong, Masaji is a talented street performer, who keeps the audience entertained as he deftly makes intricate candy sculptures with extreme speed, also performing a variety of magic tricks, stories, and other acts. He is a longtime practitioner of Qi Gong and will be leading this gentle energetic practice in the mornings and during Free Thyme.

Learn from Masaji at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • QiGong during Rise and Shine and Free Thyme sessions