Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

Guest Teacher

Susan Anderson is the owner and operator of Native Naturals Farm. Her family has lived on and worked the same land since 1826. The farm produces organically grown herbs, nuts and fruits, as well as grass fed beef. Susan comes from a long line of herbalists and healers. She began the study native plant medicine, collecting, growing and preparing, with her grandmother who was a well respected midwife and nurse. She is of both Creek and Cherokee descent, and has learned from traditional healers throughout the southeast. She is a traditional ceremonial person and draws heavily on her cultural roots in her relationship with the growing world. She has worked as a resource planner, journalist, educator and as a natural resource interpretive writer. She has served as executive director for two nonprofits, and consultant on numerous environmental and cultural projects. Her love of the land and respect for the food, fiber and medicinal value of native plants has been a guiding force in her life. She is a traditional fiber artist working primarily with native plant fibers and dyes. She has developed an intimate and comprehensive understanding of her land, its ecosystems and cycles, and how these things relate to the unique “medicine of place”. Her non traditional academic education includes degrees in sociology and religion from Florida State University. Graduate studies in urban and regional planning at FSU, and cultural sustainability at Goucher College in Baltimore MD.

Learn from Susan at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Reindigenizing: Being Natural Seeds in a Hybrid World - Enduring in a time of unprecedented ecological collapse is the challenge for all life on this planet. In this presentation we will use our time together to explore the potential regeneration of life and spirit that traditional worldview and life ways could hold for us all. We will look at some the specific small ways we can be the change that plants a seed of hope for the future.
  • Medicine Stories - This talk will be about the deep medicine of story telling. We will explore how and why the ancient stories have been able to influence social organization and individual and community wellbeing and how they remain powerfully relevant today.

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